Commended Caltrans Whistleblower "resigned" after refusing to sign off deficient construction work on Measure D Funded Route 192 Wall Project.

Although the Director of Caltrans presented a 17-year Caltrans Structures Engineer commendation for "Exceptional Performance" and a $100 bonus after a successful emergency project to replace two washed-out Rincon Creek bridges on Route 150, where he worked while on crutches,

injured on job injured on job Rincon Commendation Rincon Commendation

the engineer was later harassed, assaulted and "resigned" after he rejected deficient work on the Summerland Retaining Wall project on Route 192, Project #05-0M8704. Unqualified personnel changed the engineering plans, and the Caltrans supervisors covered up the malfeasance and deficient work, wasting over a million dollars of State Funds, Federal funds and your Measure D money.

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What happens when retaining wall fails from improper drainage:

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