Your Measure D Tax Dollars at Work to complicate and congest traffic circulation in Montecito

The Caltrans illustration below Right shows the proposed roundabout at Hot Springs Road that will replace the simple stop sign intersection. The tailgating traffic on the freeway is realistic, but the drawing shows 7 vehicles near the roundabout, where a recent satellite image during mid day shows 11 vehicles in the same area. (Click to view.) Recent photo of Hot Springs before Roundabout Caltrans Proposed Hot Springs Roundabout
Although the Caltrans image misleadingly still shows it, the Caltrans Plans approved in 2008 call for permanent removal of the Southbound freeway on-ramp at Cabrillo, so to get onto the freeway toward Capinteria from Cabrillo Blvd., drivers will have to travel past the old ramp, under the freeway bridges, through the new roundabout, down Coast Village Road through many pedestrian crosswalks and signals, then through another roundabout at the new 3-story condos at Olive Mill Road (no more gas station), turn Right, then pass back over the freeway over a new bridge, and finally turn Left onto the new Southbound on-ramp, if they don't get lost along the way.
Olive Mill Road
Will that decrease or INCREASE traffic volume on the streets? Now how did Caltrans reduce traffic by 36% by removing an on-ramp? How will July the 4th look when everyone leaving Cabrillo to Ventura has to drive through Coast Village? Perhaps the local business owners were duped into thinking that motorists stuck in traffic will visit the fancy shops or stop for some Pinot Noir on Coast Village Road, but most probably people will avoid this area altogether for shopping and go to Camino Real Shopping Center in Goleta, with its acres of free parking.
Save Coast Village Road

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