Your 18 years of Measure D Tax Dollars were not spent on these bridges in downtown Santa Barbara.

Inspectors continued to warn about the condition of bridges in the City and County, but the Traffic Division of the City of Santa Barbara continues to spend up to 60% of road money on "alternative transportation" like roundabouts, curb bulbouts and the $2.5 MILLION bike path on 2 blocks of Mission Street, and have not had time to fix their bridges downtown.
bridge falling apart

Here it appears that the City installed a huge steel beam to keep a downtown street bridge from falling due to the old concrete girder beam falling apart. Since the concrete is falling apart, the steel bars, which are supposed to be inside concrete, are exposed (at corner of beam) and are rusting away.
bridge falling apart

Did you know that gas lines run under our bridges? This gas pipeline has a phone number on it in case that it bends more and leaks or explodes.
Gas Line under bridge

The locals must be too busy hiding from police or immigration that they have not complained. By the looks of these blankets, people sleep under the structures regularly.
Bridge Bedding Bridge Bedding

This is after 18 years of Measure D Taxes!

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