Your Tax Money is going for all those Busy City Employees and their Computer Systems

Although Rebecca Jimenez (Supervisor) and Victor Garza (Superintendent) of SB Parking Services failed to respond to questions about parking attendants watching TV while drivers were lined up to exit City parking garages (by News-Press Columnist Robert Eringer - click here for article), they seem to have time for personal email, such as this email distributed to about 400 addresses besides City Staff in February 2009:

Hi All,
If you're not doing anything on Friday February 27, put on your dancing shoes and come on out to the Stateside (formerly the Acapulco in the La Arcada) and boogie to the hot dance music of the "Latin Soul Review," featuring Pepe Marquez…….with yours truly on the electric bass.

We start at 9pm and will be playing a variety of the best classic dance tunes that will be sure to get you out on the floor.

The Stateside is a great place for dinner, drinks and music. So come by and dance and have a great time!


Victor E. Garza
City of Santa Barbara
Parking/TMP Superintendent
1221 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
(805) 564-5656 office
(805) 564-5655 fax
(805) 455-0287 cell

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