10,000 gallons of crude oil seep naturally into Santa Barbara Channel every day!

Because of the deceit by the "environmental" "non-profit" corporations, we are wasting our resources and polluting our environment in Santa Barbara. Many tourists and locals don't understand that Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Goleta have the second largest natural oil seeps in the world. The Chumash used to build canoes with the tar, but recent oil drilling has actually REDUCED the amount of oil, tar and poisonous gases leaking into our waters and air. The leaking natural gas can be smelled many nights, and is a major factor for our pollution index. Therefore drilling the oil out helps the environment and our health.

Santa Barbara Natural Oil Seeps

Just when many politicians could no longer find good excuses for governmental suppression of drilling offshore, big players began selling British Petroleum stock in April 2010, and then the massive "spill accident" began, caused by humans ignoring normal procedures for some undocumented reason. Why is no one being punished for the failures by BP and the Obama administration? Could it be that Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff to President Obama) reportedly lived rent-free in an apartment owned by BP Adviser Stanley Greenberg? who happened to be also tied to a sister Democratic outfit GCS, which received political contribution funded polling contracts from Rahm Emanuel.

This article appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press on 12 June 2009.

Re: the recent "peak oil" guest commentary by Walter Kohn and Tam Hunt, while there is a finite amount of oil and sooner or later oil production will begin to decline, the piece doesn't mention the substitutes for oil and gas. Tar sands were not considered part of oil reserves until production started. If we include tar sands and shale oil and gas in oil reserves, we have over 500 years' supply of oil and gas. Coal can be converted to a liquid and in South Africa sells for $3-$4 a gallon. This process has been used since World War II and we have hundreds of years' supply of coal. The current energy problem is the determination of U.S. politicians to not allow exploration and production of oil and gas. The Obama administration is canceling approved oil leases. Senators from the affected states have blocked the appointment of the new deputy of the Interior. In California, we have 20 billion barrels of offshore oil reserves. The royalties from that oil and gas could cure the finances of our bankrupt state. In Santa Barbara, we have a win-win opportunity. We have one of the world's biggest oil seeps. Since the big oil spill, we've had 2 million barrels of oil "spilled" from the seep and 875 barrels spilled from the rigs. If we drilled we could reduce the seep. Oiled birds and other impacted wildlife don't care that environmentalists don't consider a natural seep pollution. The oil rigs themselves are beneficial to sea life, acting as artificial reefs. When I see the oil rigs, I see good jobs and economic growth. Recent polls show a majority of Californians support offshore drilling. It's time for the politicians to catch up.

(From article by David King, Goleta, in the Santa Barbara News-Press on June 12, 2009 12:00 AM)

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - George Orwell

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