Your Measure D Tax Dollars were not spent to replace the creeping Mission UC bridge or obsolete Mission UC Pump Plant.

What? The off-ramp is closed again? I didn't see a warning sign. Caltrans requires a warning sign before previous ramp to warn motorists.

Traffic closure Traffic closure Traffic closure

It looks as if everyone has to exit Carrillo again. Proper signage was not always provided on the Mission Bike Path project. Inspectors continued to warn about the condition of the Mission Undercrossing bridge and the obsolete, inadequate off-ramp capacity, vandalized Pump Plant (below Right) which may fail to keep Mission Street from flooding when there is a large storm.
Traffic closure Traffic closure Mission Pump Plant

Caltrans funded a project to replace the pump plant around 2007, but it was canceled after contractors bid on it. It seems that some projects are canceled after bid, yet some are modified to go severely over-budget, depending on which contractor secures the job. Instead of replacing these structures, $2.5 MILLION of your tax money is being spent on a 2-block long bike path, with a tree almost under the bridge.
Traffic closure Traffic closure Traffic closure

Today they are installing iron benches? Who will sit by the freeway on ramp? Hopefully a bike won't hit the bench at night. Unfortunately there are fewer bike riders than counted in 1973, and the off ramp needs widening because of dangerous rush hour congestion. How will they trim the tree as it grows next to the bridge and traffic? Obviously safety is not a priority, as also shown by the workers with no hard hats, no safety vests and this backhoe going against the flow of traffic on an open Freeway On Ramp, almost crashing into a motorist's vehicle. Such safety violations are against insurance rules and traffic code and could cause a serious accident with a huge lawsuit.
Traffic closure Traffic construction

Please ask your Mayor and Councilmembers why was this it built on such a busy street, instead of, perhaps Anapamu, where so many bikes go over Anapamu Pedestrian Overcrossing, and there is less traffic, making it less dangerous for bikes? Remember this when you pay your Measure A Taxes.

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