Your Measure D Tax Dollars Hard at Work to hazardously slow your drive with "BlumBumps"

Many people have experienced the slowing effects of the hazardous obstructions being built with our tax money to make driving more demanding and dangerous. The Santa Barbara City Traffic Department calls this "Traffic Calming" but it does not seem to make drivers calmer. Imagine a spouse of an emergency patient trying to get to the hospital, but has an accident because of a bulbout. These photos were taken by a driver who had to stop short for the traffic that could not negotiate the narrowed intersections near SB Cottage Hospital. The truck in particular had to enter both lanes to make the Right turn around the curb bulbout, blocking the opposing lane and almost causing an accident.
curb bulbout traffic curb bulbout traffic
Why does the City want driving to the hospital to be more difficult than driving to Costco? Do we really want problematic driving near a hospital? The Department is planning many more of these obstructions... maybe on your street.

Readers have submitted the following terms for these obstructions: “SideBoils”, “BlumBumps”, “InjuriesWaitingToHappenDidYouReallyThinkThisThroughBecauseDestroyingTheFrontEndOfMyCarIsNotReallyTrafficCalming”, "street pinchers", "peaks of destruction", "claws of death", "artery cloggers", "cyclist hazards". They make pedestrians bowling pins in the road.

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