Santa Barbara General Plan, Page 18, Explains how The City will End Your Use of Automobiles

This may sound like a Soviet Utopian Plan from the 1950's, but this is actually taken from the 2008 Santa Barbara General Plan, as written by the City, waiting to be approved:

"By 2020, the remaining increment of growth and redevelopment will have provided social, physical and spatial connections that result in a City where walk-ability and livability are the intrinsic characteristics of urban life. Land uses will have been oriented in such a manner that all local services are accessible without the need for the automobile."

"The City serves as a regional transportation hub with attractive, timely and functional linkages that preclude the need for the traditional automobile. Four and six-lane streets and highways have evolved into connectivity corridors that share space for all modes of travel with urban gardens and open space. The majority of parking lots have been replaced by car share facilities."

Perhaps the robbers that now frequently hit State Street businesses will appreciate being able to borrow a car, as much as the low-income folk who will continue to go to Costco to buy 24-pack sodas. We tried to imagine how "car sharing" and "walk-ability" will look:
car sharing ash tray shopping carts

Voting for Measure A will continue such malfeasance.

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