County Supervisors becoming Pawns to Casino Nostra

We thought that New Jersey style politics would not make it to Santa Barbara, but it's already entrenched here. Although information on the original chumash families having descendants is scarce, (one source states "no full-blood locals" and "a handful have 1/4% of blood line"), the "Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians" (a Contract Tribe, not a Treaty Tribe) is recognized as a group of elders who have autonomous control over their State and Local tax-exempt kingdom, and are exempt fom local zoning restrictions.

Santa Ynez Valley Gambling Defenders of "Chumash" businessmen not paying normal taxes say that the casino has benefits to the community and can not expand. However Edhat ("Alternative community news") reported on one of the "benefits" of the casino is that, "The Chumash Casino keeps deputies busy. In 2007 deputies cruised over to the casino 540 times, 229 cases were opened and there were 159 arrests of 'one or more subjects'." About 4200 "incidents" per month are reportedly observed by Chumash security at the casino.

The gambling empire is growing. For gambling rights and to avoid local opposition to gaming, the Chumash agreed as part of their original tribal agreement with the State of California not to federalize any future land purchases. That agreement means any future land purchases would be subject to zoning and land use designations currently in effect, and the property would be subject to both civil and criminal jurisdiction of the County of City where it was purchased. Casino Action taking Your Money

After that agreement was signed, the Chumash applied to federalize the status of a recently purchased 6-acre parcel across Highway 246 from the current Reservation/ Casino/ Hotel. While the current status and intent may be cloudy, it would appear this "contract band" is intent on going forward with this act of violating their promises to residents. If that happens, they can build another casino, hotel or anything that they wish.

Another recent Chumash purchase is the Skandinavian Inn. After a private luncheon to unveil the opulent remodeling plans, the November issue of the Chumash employee magazine HAKU stated, "The Royal Skandavanian Inn gets a facelift like no other. And that's just the beginning." As a federally designated agency, the Band can operate the Inn as a local tax-exempt agency with other exempt status if it so wishes, thus the local residents and the State of California will lose tax revenue previously paid by this hotel. Santa Ynez Valley Aerial View - 2030?

These aspects of expansion were never proposed to the residents of the Santa Ynez Valley when they agreed to the gaming compact. The croupiers and other employees also do not report all earnings, yet are being paid less money than originally promised.

Thirty years ago if you would have stated that the Chumash will have casinos and expanding land, you may have been referred to a neurologist. After 20 years of reportedly buying up land and politicians, things have changed. If the horse farmers also get bought out, then perhaps by 2030 the Santa Ynez Valley may look like the photo at right. Chumash Restaurant Food

Pacifying rhetoric has been used to downplay illegal immigration and gun registration during the past 30 years, yet we have seen what results have come to pass. Now law-abiding citizens are taxed and controlled, while criminals, aliens and intercalate imposters are able to get subsidies and tax breaks, such that even the "tax" shown on customers' restaurant bills is not paid to the State.


2008- The "Coastal Band" Chumash in Ventura is applying to get a federal contract...

Oct. 2008- The Casino has a generous club program for frequent gamblers: Spend $2000 on slots or $4000 on video poker, and receive $1 cash back!

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