Caltrans Medal of Squalor

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presented Gold and Silver "Medal of Valor" medals to 27 State employees at a special ceremony honoring them for their heroic acts. The Governor also unveiled a new, state-of-the-art Medal of Valor Award Kiosk on permanent display on the first floor of the State Capitol.

We salute the Medal of Valor winners, but the Governator should also do something about the Caltrans "Medal of Squalor™" candidates, such as the driver of this State Vehicle.
Caltrans Vehicle Use Caltrans Vehicle Use
The images show Michael Mortensen's Caltrans vehicle with a baby seat used to carry his child, with room for his wife. Mr. Mortensen's whole family has apparently not owned a single vehicle for at least 15 years, and has typically recorded 50-100 miles a day driving State trucks around Santa Barbara and home to transport his wife, children, groceries, etc. Although Mr. Mortensen lacks the qualifications, he is assigned as a Resident Engineer on Santa Barbara construction projects, using your tax money. After he was photographed driving his children in a State Vehicle, he assaulted the photographer. Should this be a candidate for the Caltrans "Medal of Squalor™"?

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