City Planners Approve Flooding Neighborhoods, and Promote "Global Warming"

Goleta Aerial Goleta City Council candidates are all for soccer fields, but no one discusses what kind. The Camino Real Shopping Center used to be grasslands (as in photo) about 10 years ago, with coyotes, raccoons, possums, and countless choruses of frogs. When it rained, the grassland and trees would soak up water, and the frogs were very happy. As environmental mitigation for covering this extensive grassland with concrete, Girsh Park was built with grass athletic fields to: help slow the rain runoff, trap carbon, regenerate the ground water table, and allow the land to work as a percolator when there are heavy rain years. This benefitted the community by having a green space that did not use drinking water, since reclaimed water was used to water the grass, which has a higher CO2 absorption per gallon than trees.

However in September 2008, the City of Goleta Planning Department quietly gave residents several days to oppose this removal of oxygen-producing grass at the Girsh Park soccer field, and began to replace the grass with artificial turf like astroturf. (Click for notice.) The City personnel seem to have rushed this through and there are issues of Proper Notification and potential Brown Act issues associated with the approval of the project, as well as a lack of a declaration of "Negative" environmental impacts regarding the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). It would seem that covering a carbon trapping, oxygen producing field with a hydrocarbon rug must have environmental implications, that need to be disclosed.

Days after the hearing was over, the bulldozers, scrapers and graders began fervently working overtime to rip up the soccer field grass, break out the reclaimed irrigation piping, and install the pricey plastic pitch which will funnel rainwater into the inadequate storm drain systems, which sometimes now backup several feet of water into local streets. This fake field will increase that risk of flooding.

Goleta Flooding Goleta Flooding Goleta Flooding

Goleta Flooding News In October 2008 the City sent a newsletter to some residents, which for some reason is still not available online in November 2008, that predicts flooding due to the Gap Fire destroying much other vegetation upstream, and is advising residents to get flood insurance.

This gold-brick grass project will promote flooding, and has the add benefit of tending to increase injuries particularly to adolescents and teenagers. Astroturf is known to be rough on feet, knees and other joints, and abrasive to skin. Professional Soccer leagues continue bans on astroturf, and many professional soccer teams have refused to play on artificial turf because of such problems (English Football Association (FA), Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)). William Gaillard, UEFA communications director, said in October 2007: "We are planning to keep the regulations as they are. The president thinks it is better to play on natural grass but, for climatic reasons (freezing), in places such as Moscow, artificial grass may be better."

Perhaps the City of Goleta is expecting severe global cooling? Following are some issues involving this project:

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