Your Measure D Tax Dollars Surfing at Work

Next time you are spending your free time surfing at Ledbetter Beach, look around. There may be a Caltrans Engineer who is surfing next to you while he is getting paid with your tax money. In fact, one Caltrans Engineer in Santa Barbara was honored with a trophy for
"Outstanding Achievement - Most Surfing on a Sick Day".

Ledbetter Beach Caltrans Engineer's Trophy Jason Kline's Sick Leave Trophy

The supervisors, Alan Haag, Jeff Abercrombie, Les Inagaki and Scott Kennedy, knew about such misuses of paid State time, but did not correct the malfeasance, thus wasting our stretched out "tax dollars at work".

Next time you are working and wish that you were surfing, think about the Measure D and Measure A money that you are paying so that Caltrans workers can surf.

Reader Comments:
So, if you get hurt surfing, cut your elbow on a reef, is this qualified as Worker's Comp? If you are on Worker's Comp, what do you do, go skiing? Where do you find these jobs?

if SB had normal leaders this wouldnt happen...

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